Torsional Stiffness & Dynamic Magnifier

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This spreadsheet calculates the dynamic stiffness and damping of DCB-GS couplings from GS612.5 to GS6615.0 inclusive.

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To use the spreadsheet first input the coupling size in the appropriate cell.  The values of Nominal Torque and Vibratory torque automatically default to the standard catalogue values, however these values may be overwritten to calculate stiffness values under specific conditions.  When calculating stiffness at low torque the nominal torque should not exceed the vibratory torque.

Torsional stiffness may also be calculated for a value of specific application torque.

Damping of the rubber is expressed by either Dynamic Magnifier or Relative Damping
Dynamic Magnifier = 2 pi / Relative Damping

DCB-GS couplings may be fitted with various types of rubber, with high strength Styrene Butadiene Rubber (SBR), as standard in hardness range 60 through 80.  For very soft or very stiff characteristics then a Natural or Nitrile rubber may be adopted, please check with RHC before selecting other than SM60, or SM70 or SM80.  Silicone rubber is available for high temperature applications.

A high damping SBR is available, designation 'S', this has the same stiffness values as the SM rubber but a lower Dynamic Magnifier.  The Magnifier for S50, S60 and S70 is identical to the SM80 rubber.

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